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Help make Wax Times better

85,000 page views later means it’s time to take stock of performance and make sure we’re in the groove. Wax Times has been operating since mid-2012 and we’re thankful to the readers who continue to make the site successful. Here’s a little bit of a behind-the-scenes look at content and a chance for you to help make Wax Times better.

Top 5 Articles

How to Insure a Record Collection (18,044)


Discographic – A New Discogs App (8,643)

Discographic - A New Discogs App
How to Clean Vinyl Record Covers (6,658)

How to Clean Vinyl Record Covers
Cataloguing Records with Discogs (6,288)

Cataloguing Records with Discogs
Looks Good, Sounds Bad: Picture Discs (5,922)

Looks Good, Sounds Bad: Picture Discs

October 20, 2014 was the most traffic-heavy date Wax Times has yet to see. After publishing an article advising you of how to insure your collection, the story quickly gained traction from a number of secondary media channels and the hits are still coming in today. For a story that was partially an exercise in securing my own property and sharing that experience, the surprising success of the article was never expected.

Social media has been a major component to our growth and we plan on continuing to publish content through our Facebook and Twitter feeds in order to allow conversation and meaningful engagement to occur. Keep sharing and we’ll keep publishing.

We welcome emails about wanting to contribute to Wax Times as our goal has always been focused on developing a small community of dedicated writers that can help strengthen the content of the site and diversify coverage of interesting topics.

And now we give you a chance to let us know what you think. 8 simple questions and you’re done. Consider it an opportunity to improve your good record karma.

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