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Discogs new project, VinylHub, makes shopping for records in any city easier with its growing index of 2,020 stores. Like Discogs, VinylHub relies on input from users to contribute information about stores in their community. For collectors, these two sites are indispensable for research, cataloguing and finding new places to shop.

The best part about VinylHub is that it uses your Discogs login for access to the contribution features of the site’s database, so no need to remember another login and password. Entering information is extremely straightforward. Adding a store presents the screen below, where users enter basic information. In about 5 minutes, a store can be added to the database with enough detail about the location and hours to help shoppers find their way.  Although adding their hours info is not required it’s nice to have.

There are only two required fields in the form, but adding only those two fields creates a database stub, like a wikipedia page that only has a few sentences of information. Be as detailed as you’re comfortable with and pull information from a store’s website or social media pages so that the phone number, hours and url’s are available because that’s the type of convenience we all like.

Let stores know about VinylHub and that they’re listed so employees and owners can maintain their store pages.

Not much can go wrong, but a forum is available if you run into problems. Even if you don’t have a store to contribute, exploring the database through the google map display is just as fun.

Vinyl Hub - Store Locations

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