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Valuable Wax – Record Store Day 2014

One week later, the numbers don’t lie. We compiled a short list of the most valuable releases exclusive to Record Store Day 2014 to track the micro-economy that develops as collectors clamber after coveted titles. Regional or extremely limited releases are not included, such as the Lazaretto 7″ from Jack White. Prices listed are gathered from sold eBay listings on the dates listed. Check back for periodic updates.

Release Title04/19/1404/20/1404/25/14
Camera Obscura - 4AD Session EP$11.98$249.99$13.00
Paramore - The Holiday Sessions$12.98$150.00$49.99
School of Seven Bells - Put Your Sad Down$15.98$175.00$92.00
Fear of Men - Loom$18.98$199.95$41.99
The Pixies - Indy Cindy + 7"$34.99$199.99$38.00
The Space Project - 7" Box Set$37.99$149.99$102.50
Soundgarden - Superunknown Singles Box Set$45.98$189.90$68.99
Dave Matthew Band - Live Trax Vol. 4$74.99$255.01$120.00
The Minus 5- Scott the Hoople in the Dungeon of Horror$89.97$199.99$225.00
R.E.M. - MTV Unplugged$89.98$275.00$295.00
The Folk Box$89.98$199.99$149.95
Spacemen 3 - Translucent Flashbacks$89.98$199.98$100.00
Cake Box Set$124.99$385.00$248.17
LCD Sounsystem - The Long Goodbye$129.98$230.00$225.00
The Chris Robinson Brotherhood - Betty's S.F. Blends, Vol One?$299.99$163.47
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